Welcome to the April 2021 issue of your Senior News.

Inside the issue, you will find a commentary by Chair Don Bye regarding the Senior News as well as information regarding the newly organized Chapter Chairs Committee chaired by Mel Aanerud.

Don’t miss the commentary by Linda Hopkins regarding the violation of many informal understandings and expectations of presidential behavior and the amending of them by President Trump. See also the medical definition of narcissists and think of all of the harm that a narcissistic person could do if elected to be the POTUS!

See the COVID-19 update by retired public health nurse, Julianne Johnston as well as the information regarding the next session of the Senior Caucus Book Club.

Meet Senior Caucus board member and South Metro Chapter chair, Roger Gehrke, and learn about his multifaceted personal and professional background.

Do we all understand what democracy means or should or could mean?  Did the Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol Building on January 6 to try to stop Congress from ratifying the Electoral College results define democracy the same way as do you?  Read some observations from some famous people about the meaning of democracy.

Senior Caucus Secretary Jim Reed provides a summary of recent board of director’s deliberations and actions while Joe Mullery and Karla Sand provide important information regarding the Political Involvement Committee (PIC). See also the information regarding the next Senior Caucus annual meeting.

Are the issues and concerns of folks living in the rural areas of Minnesota really any different than those residing in the large urban areas? If so, why the seeming divide between rural and urban voters?  Check out the article on that topic and see what you think!

This is the final issue of the Senior News that Julianne Johnston and I will produce and publish for the Senior Caucus.  Read about our decision in this issue…AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…thanks to all of you for your support of the newsletter.

Norm Hanson, editor

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