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January 2021 issue of the Senior News.

Here is the January 2021 issue of your Senior News.  May 2021 be a much more forgettable year than was 2020! !

Senior Caucus Chair, Don Bye, reflects on his optimism for the new Biden presidency albeit with many challenges left for him as well the damages done by the outgoing president.

Speaker of the House, Melissa Hortman, offers her observations and comments regarding the actions of the legislature and the impact of the pandemic virus on the 2021 session.

Read the short bio’s for Georgiana Sobola and Charlie Rike, two very active and visible Senior Caucus members that we lost during the past year.

Don’t miss the latest information for Senior Caucus Book Club nor the report from the Membership Committee Chair, Josey Warren or the information about the use of the ZOOM technology.

Retired public health nurse (PHN), Julianne Johnston, provides an update on COVID-19 including providing important information regarding the important difference between efficacy and effectiveness as applied to the various vaccines now being rolled out.

Meet Dwayne King, one of the founders of the Senior Caucus and why he thinks that the organization is so important.

Read about how the purpose of the Senior Caucus from Day One (2006) has always been all about making the organization as well as credible and how to be taken seriously by elected officials and policy makers. Read also about the work of the 2020 Endorsements Task Force and the many requests by legislators and policy makers for endorsement by the Senior Caucus, a recognition by many candidates of the value of being endorsed by your organization.

Read about the Senior Caucus annual meeting on December 10,2020 as record by the organization secretary, Jim Reed.

See the contact information for the eleven chapters across the state as well as the calendar of pending events.

norm hanson, editor

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