Medicare & Medicare Plan D Enrollment and Related Issues


Starts: October 15, 2022
Ends: December 7, 2022

REVIEW all your coverage – Medicare advantage plans are permitted to change their network, costs of copays, deductibles, and the drugs they cover every year.

Your current plan might not be your best choice for 2023.

Every year, everyone needs to review their plan D selection to make sure that the plan they choose covers all the drugs they take at the best possible price. The resources listed on this page can help or can direct you to places that will help you make your Plan D choice, in addition to providing information and answering questions on many other subjects.

The Senior LinkAge Line (1-800-333-2433) is a free telephone information service. Staff assists with Medicare & Part D enrollment & issues, Medigap policy selection, and Social Security.  Staff help find solutions to many problems facing seniors. These include food/meal delivery, transportation, home care, and more.

Health Care Choices 2012  is an important booklet that describes in detail Medicare supplemental, Medicare prescription insurance plans, extra help and more offered in Minnesota. The 2012 issue is available at the Senior LinkAge Line (1-800-333-2433) and at area libraries.

Minnesota Board on Aging (MBA, (651-431-2500 or 1-800-627-3529) is the gateway to services for seniors and their families. MBA provides information about local and regional resources and agencies.

Metro Area Agency on Aging (MAAA, (651-641-861):  MAAA provides information on senior services including Medicare, Plan D, and health isurance counseling at locations around the seven county metro area. They also provide caregiver support, employment, financial and in-home help, and food assistance. MAAA also offers seniors training on how to use a computer.

There are Seven Area Agencies on Aging in the state that provide assistance to seniors, to find the agency in your area call 1-800-882-6262 or check

Disability Linkage Link: (1-866-333-2466) is a free, statewide information and referral resource that provides information for Minnesotans with disabilities and chronic illnesses. This is a single access point for all disability related questions.

Veterans Link Line (1-888-LinkVet or 1-888-546-5838): Provides information on veterans benefits, healthcare, education, reintegration, and a variety of other issues free to veterans, It is a single access point for veterans questions.

Senior Partners Care (SPC) Volunteers of America Senior Services Program (952-945- 4180) provides affordable relief for low and moderate income Minnesota Medicare recipients. SPC members pay no co-payments, deductibles, or other out-of- pocket costs for Medicare approved services. Program Qualifications:  must be a resident of Minnesota and enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. Income limits:  Single = $21,660 a year or less; Couples = $29,136 a year or less   Total assets limits: $43,785 or less, excluding primary home and one car. Qualifications are revised in March every year. There is an annual administrative charge of $29.50.  Call 952-945- 4180   with questions and for an application.

Seniors Rx Care [1877-828-7555] this service, sponsored for many years by the Minnesota Senior Federation, provides access to low cost brand name and generic drugs from a Canadian pharmacy.  Access to cheaper drugs through this program can be helpful for the uninsured at any age. A Medicare Plan D enrollee may find that their overall Plan D costs will be lower if they replace expensive drugs from Canada rather than through their Plan D insurance provider. Senior Rx Care can be accessed on the web, However, first time users, it is recommended that you call to have the process explained and questions answered.

Minnesota Department of Commerce: [1-800-657-3602; 651-296-2026] The Commerce Department oversees Medicare insurance providers. If you have a problem with your insurance coverage, the Commerce Department may be able to help you resolve it.

Minnesota Attorney General Hot Line:  [651-296-3353 or 1-800-657-3787] Call when you suspect fraud or deception or have contractual problems or related questions.

Minneapolis Legal Aid Society Senior Law Project, [612-334-5970] Provides help resolving problems with health care and other issues.  To find legal aid in your community [651-228-9105] or

Center for Medicare and Medicaid[1800-633-4227] CMS staff offers assistance in choosing and enrolling in Medicare Plan D and other Medicare programs, and help resolving claims. The office can also help you apply for assistance paying for Medicare Plan D.

Social Security Administration: [1-800-772-1213] SSA provides public information materials about the Social Security Administration and supplemental security programs, as well as information on eligibility for Medicare.

Medicare Rights Center (MRC): [1-800-333-4114] This is the largest independent source of health care information and assistance for people with Medicare. Founded in 1989, MRC helps older adults, people with disabilities and their families find affordable healthcare, and deal with Medicare related problems such as denial and appeals, complaints and billing. [1-978-281-6666]

MinnesotaHelp.Info: ( ONLINE ONLY is an online statewide resource database containing information on more than 12,000 agencies providing such services as health care, retirement, disability and social service information.