A call to action for seniors on The FICA deferral

President Trump has announced a deferral of Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) collections starting September 1 st. The announced deferral means that employers are not required to pay the employee contribution for Social Security in 2020. This action reduces payments to the Social Security trust fund, the fund that pays for Social Security retirement checks; this could put the Social Security trust fund at financial risk.

President Trump has strongly suggested that if he wins a second term, he will make the FICA deferment a permanent policy. Some analysts believe such a policy could bankrupt the Social Security trust fund in three to five years. Trump’s executive order puts cuts to Social Security and Medicare directly on the debate table.

It’s time to defend our democracy and the Social Security and Medicare programs that so many seniors depend on. It is time to say no to a President who subverts the Constitution through executive order. It is time to stand up again seniors.
Call or write your congressional representative now and as often as it takes, to get Trump to rescind his executive order. It is urgent you make your opinion known now.

For the full DFL Senior Caucus briefing paper click here.