On February 21, 2023, DFL seniors gathered in the beautiful conference room on the third floor of the MN Capitol building to meet with various legislators or their representatives. We had a very good turnout in the face of a pending snowstorm, when the Legislature was cramming many meetings on that day to adjourn early and allow everyone to ride out the storm at home.

Kay Hendrikson, Senior Caucus Chair, presided and welcomed guests as they arrived. The events committee (Don Slaten, Sandy Sandoval, MaryAnn Vandevusse, Mary Bliesmer) provided coffee and donuts and fruit for all participants. The agenda was fluid as committee meetings were scheduled, but we had a steady stream of legislators who were gracious in presenting their bills and other activities to us, including House Speaker Melissa Hortman.

Two special presenters were Geri Katz, Manager of Practice, Education, & Special Projects for MN Nurses Association Universal Health Care and Sheri Pugh, Council Member City of Mound, Age Friendly MN.

Many thanks to all who attended and to all the legislators who were able to meet with us!

It was an interesting and worthwhile day for everyone involved. Here are some photos of speakers and attendees.

Kay Hendrikson, Chair (standing)

Don Slaten, Vice Chair (sitting, facing table)

Kay Hendrikson

Rep Melissa Hortman, Speaker of the MN House

Rep Melissa Hortman

Speaker of the MN House


Rep Mike Freiberg

43B, DFL

Sen John Hoffman


Rep Ginny Klevorn

42B, DFL

Rep Tina Liebling

24B. DFL

Rep Debra Kiel

01B, R

Sheri Pugh

Mound City Council

Age Friendly Minnesota

Darrell Paulson

Disability Caucus

Geri Katz

MN Nurses Association

Kris Sundberg

Single Payer Health Care

Ann Jones

Single Payer Health Care