Our Mission

The DFL Senior Caucus mission is to involve seniors throughout Minnesota in the political process, to provide a vehicle for their active participation in the DFL party, and to promote programs and legislation that protect and enhance the lives of seniors.

The DFL Senior Caucus was founded in the spring of 2006 with the goal of increasing senior participation and influence in the Minnesota DFL Party and the halls of Government by:

  • Encouraging senior participation in the political process
  • Bringing focus and accountability to senior issues
  • Speaking up and securing support for issues

We are the voice of Seniors in the DFL Party and in the public assemblies and legislative halls.

Join us and make our voice stronger.

I joined the DFL Senior Caucus to gain the political leverage of a large group of more or less like thinkers to influence legislators.

Earl Bower

I decided at the age of 74 to retire. A current member of the Anoka County Senior Caucus invited me to come. I became president and increased the membership. The time has been worthwhile to me.

Melvin Aanerud

Please Join Us!

Join us and become an active member of our DFL Community Caucus to help us address the needs of seniors. You can join one or more of our local chapters and any of our committees leading us on vital issues that concern us all. Your membership allows us to reach more seniors and have a larger voice on issues. You become part of a mission and movement to address the needs of senior citizens across Minnesota.

Making a better world for our Children, our Grandchildren, and Ourselves!


The state DFL Senior Caucus is governed under its Charter document.  It states that the purposes of the Senior Caucus are:

  1. to foster the involvement of Minnesota seniors, especially those persons 55 years of age and older, in the political process
  2. to encourage their active participation in the DFL Party
  3. to bring outreach and focus to senior issues
  4. to promote, support, and hold accountable DFL candidates at all levels who are aware of and committed to the concerns of Minnesota seniors
  5. to increase voter turnout among Minnesota seniors
  6. to ensure appropriate senior representation in party positions in the DFL Party

I joined the senior caucus after Trump was elected and have since enjoyed meeting other like minded people and learning more about legislative issues that affect seniors.

Jackie Lindblom

As one of the Founders of the DFL Senior Caucus, and as a former DFL State Representative, my main purpose was to create a political vehicle for Seniors to make known, and provide visibility for the many issues of seniors (health care being #1) to the DFL Party and to political leaders at the State, Federal and local levels.

Dwayne King


The DFL Senior Caucus members residing within a particular Minnesota U.S. Congressional District, or smaller geographic area, may organize and operate a local Chapter of the DFL Senior Caucus in that district or area in order to further the purposes and activities of the Senior Caucus. 

Senior Caucus members seeking to form such a Chapter agree to operate under the Senior Caucus Charter and must apply to the Senior Caucus Board for recognition as an official Chapter. 

Chapters must semiannually report their activities to the Senior Caucus Board by February 1 and August 1 of each year. 

I joined the DFL Senior Caucus to get better educated on what I can do to promote positive action on senior issues.

Sandy Trudeau

I like to debate and discuss important public policy issues of the day with others who are well informed and like to do the same as well as to enjoy the friendship and camaraderie of my fellow members.

Norm Hanson