Senior Caucus Resolutions for Precinct Caucuses

Here is a link to six resolutions that Senior Caucus developed: SeniorCaucusResolutions Please submit these resolutions at your precinct caucus on February 1. To see each resolution and download it, click the red "PDF" icon for each.  

URGENT – DFL COVID safety protocols for precinct caucuses

Hello Senior Caucus members and interested folks: The DFL State Executive Committee met on Wednesday to discuss emergency processes for COVID during precinct caucuses. One option is essentially an old fashioned hand-in-a-piece-of-paper process (using non-attendee...

“By the way…” with Kay

Kay Hendrikson, DFL Senior Caucus Chair January 2022 Hi All, New year and more cold weather!  Don’t we just love Minnesota weather! Some readings: I was reading the Kaiser Foundation and a couple of things came up:  Look for the No Surprises Act. This establishes new...

MN Weatherization Assistance

The Senior Caucus wants Senior citizens in Minnesota to have an affordable life. We have a problem: Heating bills are expected to double this winter, according to the Consumer Utility Board (CUB) due to Covid supply issues and other energy price issues. The...

Vaccination Rates in Minnesota

Find out how your MN county is doing in vaccinating residents. Go to the site at the following link, click your county, and see what the vaccination rates are. Data is updated weekdays at 11:00 a.m. Note that there is a...

What is the Minnesota DFL Senior Caucus?

The Senior Caucus was formed in 2006 as an organization within the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor party to address the needs of retirees, individuals over the age of 55, and senior citizens.  Seniors are among those most adversely affected by the policies and acts of the administrations in Minnesota and Washington DC

The Senior Caucus works to involve seniors throughout Minnesota in the political process, to provide a vehicle for their active participation in the DFL party, and to promote programs and legislation that protect and enhance the lives of seniors. Our united efforts influence voters and policy makers. Our unified voice makes a difference in assuring that the needs of older Minnesotans are addressed in policies and law.

Please Join Us!

Join us and become an active member of our DFL Community Caucus to help us address the needs of seniors. You can join one or more of our local chapters and any of our committees leading us on vital issues that concern us all. Your membership allows us to reach more seniors and have a larger voice on issues. You become part of a mission and movement to address the needs of senior citizens across Minnesota.

Making a better world for our Children, our Grandchildren, and Ourselves!

MN DFL Seniors Group Shot

Who We Are

We are seniors affiliated with the MN Democrat party (DFL) who created the DFL Senior Caucus in order to influence government on behalf of anyone 55 or older.  We believe what Paul Wellstone said: “We all do better when we all do better!”

What We Do

We listen to seniors, whether they are still working or whether they are retired, to learn what they want now and in the future. We actively support and work with DFL legislators, candidates and officials willing to address senior needs.

Where We Are

We have a state-wide board that works with Minnesota State and Federal Officials to advance programs addressing senior needs. We have critical committees that develop our programs, connect with seniors, and lobby our legislators. We have a network of local chapters across Minnesota, North, South, and Central promoting local senior needs and keeping seniors across the state up-to-date.

We DFLers are full of contradictions but we can be thankful for all we have goin for us each passing day. The Senior Caucus is here to help!

Don Bye

I joined DFL senior caucus immediately upon the passage of the Medicare part D in 2006. This law Set in motion additional complicated steps for seniors to get their needed prescriptions. This coverage needed some changes and fast.

Karla Sand

I joined the Senior Caucus to protect and extend the public social services, income support, and health insurance that seniors and those with disabilities rely upon.

James Reed

I am a member of the Senior Caucus as a way to join with like minded seniors for involvement and comradeship in an outstanding DFL Caucus that works for the betterment of everyone.

Don Slaten

When I retired, I decided to join DFL Senior Caucus to continue my support for people programs including Medicare, Social Security, health care, voting rights, informed decision-making about political decisions and the pleasure of joining together with those who support these issues…

Julianne J

As one of the Founders of the DFL Senior Caucus, and as a former DFL State Representative, my main purpose was to create a political vehicle for Seniors to make known, and provide visibility for the many issues of seniors (health care being #1) to the DFL Party and to political leaders at the State, Federal and local levels.

Dwayne King