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Come Join Us

Join us and become an active member of our DFL Community Caucus to help us address the needs of seniors. Join one or more of our local chapters and join our committees leading us on vital issues that concern us all. Please join and donate. Your membership dues and donations allow us to reach more seniors. You become part of a mission and movement to address the needs of senior citizens across Minnesota.

Making a better world for our Children,our Grandchildren, and Ourselves!


The Senior Caucus Newsletter is published quarterly. It has everything you need to know about what’s going on across the state and in the past year. Have a look!

Caucus and Precinct finder help at the following two links:


Board Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of the month at the DFL Plato Office building from 11am to 1pm or by Zoom.

Check calendar Bring your ideas and brainstorm with the Officers and Directors.

March 2020 – No Meeting

February 2020 – No Meeting


The DFL Senior Caucus is a member-directed organization.  Its day to day operation is conducted by an elected Board of Directors in accordance with the Caucus’s Charter.

The Board of Directors consists of five officers, Caucus Chair, Associate Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Director, and at least eight at-large Directors.  A new Board is elected every odd numbered year at the annual membership meeting.  The Board is responsible for managing the business and affairs of the Caucus. For more specific details refer to the Senior Caucus Charter.


DFL Senior Caucus members residing within a particular Minnesota U.S. Congressional District, or smaller geographic area, may organize and operate a Chapter of the Senior Caucus in that district or area in order to further the purposes and activities of the Senior Caucus. Local interaction and political activism is being met through these local Chapters. The local Chapters operate within the framework of the DFL Senior Constituency Caucus.

Senior Caucus members seeking to form a local Chapter agree to operate under the Senior Caucus Charter and must apply to the Senior Caucus Board for recognition as an official Chapter. 


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Every year the Senior Caucus has an annual event where legislators and issue leaders come to talk to the members at or near the Capitol. For those individuals who want, they visit with their local legislators at their Capitol Office. This is a great event for those who are experienced or a novice wanting to hear about the issues and to speak directly to their elected officials.


The Senior Caucus meets to discuss a politically important book every month. Even though we are all DFL Democrats, this group always has a lively discussions on the issues.


The Senior Caucus isn’t just all business! We have some fun too!
Monthly lunches are held at a mid-point in the twin cities.


The DFL Senior Caucus works to involve seniors throughout Minnesota in the political process, and to provide a vehicle for their active participation in the DFL party. We also work to promote programs and legislation that protects and enhances the lives of seniors.

In addition to the positive impact we have on the political process, and an impressive blue wave movement that we celebrated all across our state in 2018, we are now preparing for the wave to surge in Minnesota 2020.

*Information on future Gala dates is not currently available.
Check back in the future for updates.

I am a member of the Senior Caucus as a way to join with like minded seniors for involvement and comradeship in an outstanding DFL Caucus that works for the betterment of everyone.

Don Slaten

I joined Senior Caucus to socialize with like minded people. I wanted to be part of a group that united Seniors. I wanted to be part of an active group that studied and pushed for laws which made a positive difference.

Josey Warren

I joined the Senior Caucus to protect and extend the public social services, income support, and health insurance that seniors and those with disabilities rely upon. I joined because our Country’s response to many ills of society — inequality, homelessness, intolerance, hunger, poverty, loneliness, ills that affect all generations — remains inadequate…
Jim R