Senior Caucus Committees & Work Groups

Structure and Goals

Committees and work groups are made up of Senior Caucus members.  Committees have cross over responsibilities and work closely with other committees to complete the work of the Senior Caucus membership and political action goals.   Although the committees change periodically, the current committees are:

  • Communication:  Produce and distribute Senior Caucus materials – such as brochures and flyer that the Caucus uses to provides information to members and other seniors, including the Newsletter
  • Education:  Coordinate activities, events, and information that enhances the knowledge of Senior Caucus members, including the Book Club
  • Events:  Plan, coordinate Senior Caucus events and programs. Coordinate events such as the annual Gala, annual summer social, MN State Fair activities, monthly/special lunches, Day on the Hill, annual membership meeting
  • Membership: Coordinate the recruitment of members and communications on all membership matters. Maintain membership data, chapter data. Work on Chapter development.  Provide membership reports
  • Political Affairs: Develop, promote, and manage programs through which seniors can participate in political events, projects, and campaigns, including DFL candidate endorsement
  • Development and Outreach:  Develop, promote, and manage programs to build the Senior Caucus, including Chapters, develop relationships with groups within the DFL and outside the DFL to extend the reach of the Senior Caucus
  • Technology: coordinate and manage the technology that the Senior Caucus uses, including VAN/Action Builder, Facebook and other social media, email blasts, video conferencing, the website, and other technology as needed

To participate on any committee, send a request with your interest to

Committee chairs can be reached by sending an email to: DFLSENIORS@GMAIL.COM

Join us and become an active member of our DFL Community Caucus to help us address the needs of seniors. You can join one or more of our local chapters and any of our committees leading us on vital issues that concern us all. Your membership allows us to reach more seniors and have a larger voice on issues. You become part of a mission and movement to address the needs of senior citizens across Minnesota.

Making a better world for our Children, our Grandchildren, and Ourselves!