Seniors, should you stay in your home?
If you’re a senior, and you want to stay in your home, here are a few suggestions for you to implement:
1) Get rid of your junk. You do not need 40 copies of the “Good House Keeping” or 20 Final 4 shirts.
2) If you can, buy a single floor Ranch type home so you do not have to climb steps all day.
3) Have railings put on all steps leading out of your house. That includes the walk into your garage as well. There are groups that can do this for you as: Yellow Ribbon (952 985 4685); Rotary Club of Lakeville PO Box 433, 55044. There Clubs are all over Minnesota. It is suggested that you do this soon after you become a senior.
4) Appliances: this is toaster, microwave, washer, dryer, furnace, soft water heater and softener. Be sure that these are in good running order. You can take out a service repair with companies like Center Point for $5.95 an appliance,
5) Rugs, you do not need them to trip over so pitch!
6) Wills, stay current, we will have more on this in the future,
7) Hoppy, keep your hobbies but if it is indoor plants; save 5 and pitch 5,
8) Delivery services; most grocery stores and restaurants deliver their products; take advantage,
9) Store hours: most grocery stores and companies. as Costco, have senior hours as 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM; take advantage of this. No Crowds,
10) Most Health Services, as Fairview, have in home service, check with these companies, Fairview is at 612 721 2491,
11) Insurance: be sure your policies are current with both Health care, home and auto,
12) Lawn and snow service, when you’re a senior do not cut your lawn or shovel one shovel of snow! It is too easy to break a leg,arm or have a heart attack. There are many good companies that can do this for you. Darts is a good example. They not only cut your lawn but provide both Spring and Fall clean up. Cost is about $40 an hour, 651 455 1560 or
13) Home services: if you can do some of the dusting and minimum of the household chores that is fine; but there are companies as Darts, non -profit company that will do home services for $38 per hour and they will change light bulbs as well,
14) Tools, wall paper equipment and painting: you are not going to do much of this so get rid of the tools to Good Will, kids and e Bay,
15) If you need elevator service since you did not get rid of your split home; firms as Ameriglide and Bathfitter are installing units for $2000-$2500. Also walk in baths are between$2500 and $5000.
16) Remember, try out and get your canes, walkers and portable walkers now,
17) These are just some ideas with more to come to keep our Seniors in their home.
Thanks, Don Slaten and Roger Gehrke

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