Chapter Start-up Material

Bring the Voice of the Local Senior Community…

The DFL Senior Caucus needs chapters in Greater Minnesota to bring attention and action to local issues and campaigns. Local chapters can focus on what is important locally, lobby and engage local officials and representatives, bring the voice of the local senior community to issues at large, and tell their story to all members of the Senior Caucus. Senior Caucus activities like the picnic, gala and candidate meetings center on the Twin Cities metro area. It’s time for Caucus members to enjoy these activities all over the state. Talk to us, we have plans and resources for setting up a chapter in your area. We will meet with you and other members in your area to discuss the steps to begin a chapter.

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I joined the DFL Senior Caucus to gain the political leverage of a large group of more or less like thinkers to influence legislators.

Earl Bower

I joined the Senior Caucus to protect and extend the public social services, income support, and health insurance that seniors and those with disabilities rely upon.

James Reed

I joined the MN DFL Senior Caucus because it’s the biggest voting block in the state and I want to help organize it on behalf of healthcare, education, and voting rights.

Kay Hendrikson